Good to Great GRC Webinar

Webinar: Good to Great SAP GRC: It's All in the Analytics

Instant and actionable SoD analytics can take your SAP GRC environment from good to great.

If you're a user of SAP's GRC Access Control module but find yourself spending a lot of time interpreting, simplifying, or customizing its standard reports (especially for auditors or executives), this on-demand session is for you. Learn how to save your team tons of time and ditch the spreadsheets with cloud-based, add-on reporting capabilities that work with SAP GRC.

Key Takeaways:

  • - Using a dashboard to instantly identify and prioritize the most critical SoD risks 
  • - Diving in to the source of risks using online reporting capabilities instead of spreadsheets
  • - Generate reports that can be consumed by technical or non-technical auditors, analysts and executives
  • - Actioning reports with intelligent next step recommendations built-in

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