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The Cost of Not Automating Access Compliance


Waiting another year to automate controls for SAP access?

According to Gartner, by 2020 more than 60% of organizations will make use of commercialized products or services to implement segregation of duties (SoD) control monitoring.*

That's double the current estimated adoption rate of 30% in less than three years.

So why all the fuss over SoD controls automation? Whether your organization has considered this an area of focus or not in the past, the fact is that managing key compliance procedures manually is error-prone, exposes companies to regulatory and financial risk, and results in a higher likelihood of audit deficiencies. This session will explore how all this affects the bottom line and takes a look at an automation cost-benefit analysis. 




*Source: 2017 Market Guide for SOD Controls Monitoring Tools, Gartner




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