5 phase Approach for a Secure S/4HANA Implementation

Looking for guidance on implementing a governance program and solution that addresses your GRC Concerns?

Give the popularity of our recent eBook on the topic, we will be hosting a live webinar to discuss how your organization can prioritize security work as you make the move to S/4HANA. This webinar is designed to provide guidance on five key implementation phases, regardless of the greenfield or brownfield approach, and will provide advice on what steps should be take in each to reduce risk and avoid costly vulnerabilities or remediation work post-implementation. 


About the Speaker

Ryan Throop

Ryan Throop

ERP Maestro Senior Director of Partner & Customer Success

Leading ERP Maestro's new Global Partner Program is industry veteran and former IBM Security consultant, Ryan Throop. Ryan's focus on building partner relationships globally, coordinating joint efforts to increase market awareness of GRC solutions and creating opportunities for mutual growth.


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