Over the years we have all witnessed the security and GRC domains grow in depth and breadth as applications have become more complex and hackers more sophisticated. As a result, compliance and the management of proper controls have also become a much larger burden for organizations of all sizes.

This holds true for organizations running SAP, as the applications today are all interconnected with both internal and external access points – employees, vendors, customers, etc. With the paradigm shifts, the traditional infrastructure and access control protocols are no longer sufficient.

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  • Why a continuous vulnerability management and hardening process leads to better security and accountability towards auditors 
  • How the Protect4S software is used for SAP security assessments and audits to get the complete picture
  • How to establish reliable and actionable insights of enterprise risks for your business
  • What ERP Maestro can do to provide clarity and control to your Segregation of Duties (SoD) access risks

Meet Your Hosts:

Joris Van De Vis

Co-founder and SAP Security Specialist at Protect4S

Joris is an expert in the field of SAP Security with a specific interest in SAP platform and cybersecurity. He helps customers worldwide to secure their SAP systems and he likes doing SAP security research, such as finding vulnerabilities in SAP or scanning the internet for connected SAP systems. He reported over 80 vulnerabilities in SAP applications to the SAP Security team and regularly presents on the topic of SAP security at Security conferences. He was invited twice to present on SAP's internal security summit as well. Joris has got 20 years of experience working for large SAP running companies and government departments. Joris is a co-founder of Protect4S, a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation.

Ryan Throop 

ERP Maestro Senior Director of Partner & Customer Success

Ryan works with customers and partners across the globe to ensure organizations properly identify, remediate, and report on their access controls risks. He has successfully led dozens of organizations through the journey of improving GRC maturity through a structured combination of education and automation. Ryan oversees the ERP Maestro Partner Program and Customer Success Organization with over 10 years of experience in SAP security. Previously, he was a Security Consultant with IBM Security Services where he implemented SAP security and GRC solutions.

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