The Future of Internal Controls and How to Get There

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Internal control management is the backbone of a company’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) function. While GRC helps the company achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity, internal control management helps carry out GRC functions and is a part of any GRC strategy.

What happens then when the foundation is not strong enough to support contemporary GRC demands? Audit fails, fines, fraud and internal breaches are results of inadequate access controls. In today’s business environment, change is constant – and that puts pressure on internal controls to keep up with GRC requirements. With adherence to regulatory and legal requirements, internal changes in the business applications and roles, plus external risks that could affect the business, the greatest challenge to effective internal control management is change.



Topics You'll Learn About:

  • • The past vs. future state of controls

  • • The role automation will play in the future

  • • The process to automate



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