What You May Not Know About Access Controls and Your Migration to S/4HANA


eBook Migration to S/4HANAInside the Whitepaper:  

SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) customers have known for some time that to remain on a supported version of SAP will require a migration to S/4HANA.

The date for moving to the new platform was extended to December 2025, and for good reason.

Migration is complex, it’s costly and there are many ancillary requirements to make the move to a new SAP environment that functions differently than what customers are accustomed to.





What You'll Learn:eBook Migration to S/4HANA

  • • A breakdown of the unknowns and truths about the S/4HANA migration process

  • • The requirement to use LINUX for SAP ERP

  • • How the S/4HANA migration will impact changes to access controls






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