2014 GRC Value Award Case Study

How A Fortune 500 Global Security Company Reduced Segregation of Duties (SoD) Auditing Time by 700+ Hours

Read how independent analyst firm GRC 20/20 selected ERP Maestro and its client, a Fortune 500 global security and asset protection organization, as recipients of the 2014 GRC Value Award in the domain of Identity & Access Management. 

The organization faced a very common challenge: manually managing Access Control testing in their SAP environments. With an ERP Maestro continuous monitoring subscription, the organization saved over $120,000 a year in manual and external audit costs and reduced auditing time from over 700 hours down to less than one.* 

*GRC 20/20 evaluated and verified the use of ERP Maestro at this organization, confirming that the service provided measurable value to the organization across the elements of GRC efficiency, effectiveness, and agility.  

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