On-Demand Webinar

Watch Now: New Online Dashboard and Reporting Capability

ERP Maestro recently released an all-new, interactive online dashboard and enhanced reporting capabilities that make identifying, prioritizing and remediating all levels of SAP access risk easier than you ever thought possible.

Join this on-demand webinar to see a demo of the new dashboard in action. Jody Paterson will take you through the key reports and dive deeper behind the charts down to the authorization level.

Watch this webinar and learn about:

   •  Overview of all segregation of duty conflicts by risk level     
     •  Separate views of all risks by role, user and business process
     •  Historical view of the number of risks over time
     •  Filtering by mitigated vs. non-mitigated risks    
     •  Risk ranking reports by user and role 
     •  Isolation of fully executed risks by modified vs. non-modified data

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